One of the most important components of the objectives of the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association is to make the operation, traditions, and values of the electric industry accessible to all parts of society in a manner which is at the same time simple, transparent, but professionally complex, as well as to create awareness of how its proper operation can help facilitate the working of society and the economy. It is committed to help various social groups to avoid hazards and dangerous situations related to electricity, as well as to understand and apply the safe use of electricity.

Low energy investment, high energy savings
– an energy conscious approach in the home
The objective of our awareness shaping program is to draw the attention of everyday consumers to the importance of conscious energy use, which, in addition to having a positive social impact, also contributes to decreased energy costs. By offering training activities and events, it wishes to provide guidelines, providing credible information related to energy efficiency, using the contents of its journal titled "Elektrotechnika" (Electrotechnics) and by implementing awareness campaigns.

Electricity for us
– comprehensible electricity supply
The aim of our information program is to make it possible for society to learn of the complex system of electricity supply, as well as the operation, traditions and values of the electric industry. Furthermore, it is in our interest for household consumers to also become familiar with relationships of cause and effect impacting them. Our informational publications created for large groups of our society, the articles of the magazine "Elektrotechnika", as well as our training activities related to fundamental electric skills serves this objective.

Instead of shocking experiences
– safe electric installation
The aim of the program is to create household user awareness of the importance of safe electric installation primarily from the point of view of the protection of life and assets. Its purpose is to support products and services which serve the purpose of high quality electric installation. Our association participates in organizing the Infoshow program series and the training of electricians. It creates professional opinions and organizes awareness raising campaigns for home users.


It plays a role in promoting electrotechnics to young people making career decisions. It supports the integration of young experts and helps them launch a successful career.

We invest energy into the future!
– mentor program for young people
The aim of our professional mentoring program is to locate gifted young people so that they can profit from the work done in the field of succession planning while receiving support from the stakeholders of the electricity industry. In order to achieve our objectives, we announce our competitions titled "Diploma Work and Thesis" as well as "My Hobby, Electrotechnics" every year. The András Mechwart Youth Meeting makes is possible for young professionals to deepen their personal and professional relationships.