By offering an active liaison role, the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association offers a neutral platform for participants of the electrotechnical industry for coordinating key issues. The most important task of the Association is to provide a neutral but professionally complex approach for motivating participants so that specific issues are handled comprehensively and in a cost effective manner and so that stakeholders can find the solutions.

Thinking together
– synchronized with the industry
Our aim is to build on the traditionally solid relationship between stakeholders of the electrotechnical industry and the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association to launch new activities along existing synergies. This aim is facilitated by the organization of technical days, meetings for professionals, as well as the Conference, which is the largest event of the domestic electric industry.

Developing together
– integrating knowledge and resources
The Association establishes the common platform required by stakeholders of the electrotechnical industry for professional cooperation and coordinates the development of harmonized professional recommendations, solutions, and training materials. In order to achieve this goal, it leverages its professional organizations to coordinate professional projects based on common interests, to create training materials and recommendations, and to manage events.

Acting together for the common good
– representing professional and scientific interests
The aim of the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association's program is to contribute to the supply and use of electricity that is reliable and safe on the long term, acting in joint cooperation with the stakeholders of the electrotechnical industry for the common good. Our aim is to perfect the regulatory environment – standards and legislation – by undertaking professional projects and creating recommendations.